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Hi press members, bloggers, YouTubers, Streamers and all of you good folks. This is the press page for Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage. Here you’ll find descriptions and art that you may find beneficial if you create any content related to Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage.


  • Game Name – Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage
  • Release Date – 30th January 2019
  • Platforms – PC as a digital download
  • Price – $9.99/£7.99
  • Languages – English
  • Website –
  • Contact –
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Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage is a story-driven RPG that tells the tale of a young Ogre, Gargan, who’s kicked out of his house by his father for being a layabout. Gargan is determined to prove to his father that he’s a true Ogre and sets off on a journey across the country to retrieve a relic from an ancient Ogre hero. Gargan is joined on his journey by: Rook the aspiring paladin, Drusilla the cruel demon witch, Twostone the rocky cyclops hermit and Ka-gu the reformed villain and current necromancer. They all have their own reasons for joining the journey, but it’s never smooth and they don’t always get along too well.


Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage is a turn-based RPG with no random battles! It has influences from both Western and Japanese role-playing games as well as influences from classic pen and paper games like Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Character-driven plot that won’t have you saving any worlds for a change.
  • Fast-paced battles using our custom Stamina system that lets you take multiple attacks per round.
  • Over 120 pieces of equipment to use ranging from swords to spells to armour.
  • Over 50 enemies and bosses to slaughter along your journey from bugs made of fruit to demon lords to the ghostly spirits of your ancestors.
  • Original art and story all put together in our custom engine.

Character Art (artwork commissioned from 4Taken Entertainment)

Top row (L-R): Gargan, Rook and Drusilla

Bottom row (L-R): Twostone, Ka-gu and Peachy

Character scenes (artwork commissioned from Alpha Rabbit Studios)

(L-R): The Pilgrims resting, the Pilgrims travelling and the Pilgrims on the cliff side


Enkian Games History

Enkian Games is an independent game studio started by me, Jordan Allen, and based in Belfast, UK. I’ve worked with multiple people across various projects since 2011. I had a respectable following near the end of the Flash scene. I developed a number of platformers and RPGs with myself serving as the lead designers, artist and writer. The most successful of these games was called Ender Story: Chapter 1.

My first official Enkian Games title was a remake Ender Story: Chapter 1 at the end of 2017. This was a project aimed at learning how to use various online storefronts and to test the waters as a commercial developer that didn’t rely on ads like in the old Flash days. My current focus is on Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage, a game I conceived of in October 2016. I brought my friend and previous collaborator, Lloyd Sorrow, on board for music shortly after. I sought out a programmer to complete my team and met Howard Ross. He helped bring the vision of Tale of Enki to life in a massive way and we’ve all worked very well together.

We aim to release Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage in late 2018. This will be our first “big” commercial release and we hope that it appeals to RPG fans, both old and new, who share our passion for games.

Enkian Games Logos/Icons