Press Kit page

Just a small update to show you a bigger update. I’ve added a Press Kit page to my blog for anybody that would like to showcase Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage and would like some resources to use. I’ve included descriptions, a bit of history, logos, character art, screenshots, etc. Hopefully people find this useful with our demo release coming this Friday!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, Minds, Gab, etc. then you probably know by now that we’ve finally got our demo ready to go. It’s been playtested quite thoroughly, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if a few clever players find a few things we’ve missed.

I’ll write a longer blog post on Friday talking about the demo release.

Until then!


Pilgrimage Save System

We’ve now got our save system in place for Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage! Now it’s maybe not going to be the most useful feature of the demo, which runs for about an hour and a half in length. What it does mean, however, is that the demo is much more reflective of the finished game.

It isn’t a game where you can just save anywhere, there are dedicated save points called Altars. Depending on the area you’re in, you’ll come across three different types: Altars of Krawth, Altars of Jorren and a single Altar of Sindor. It’s really just a lore thing, a different altar to a different god in a different racial area. Just talk to the altar and it’ll let give you this below:

Once you’ve picked “yes”, it’ll take you into the save screen below. You’ll be presented with 3 save slots that record your current party members, your time played, your kupons count and your current location.

Once you select a slot, you’ll see something like this:

We still need to remove the numbers are the end of the maps, but it should otherwise look pretty much the same as this. This test file is just from me loading up the game and going straight to the first save point.

That’s all, really. Quite a simple post for today. We’re almost finished with the demo as we’ve only got polish and bug fixes to do. Our lists for both of those aren’t particularly long either. We’ll be launching our Steam “coming soon” page very soon too so people can start wishlisting (hint hint).

Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage NPCs

This post is going to be about the NPCs of Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage. First of all, I’ll give a bit of a discussion about the races of the Tale of Enki world (deeper detail will come later) and then I’ll talk about a couple of interaction and things that they can do for you.

There are six main races in Tale of Enki:

  • Enkians: A human-like race with pointed ears who are similar to the Ancient Greeks in their ideas and civilisation.
  • Rocklopes: A cyclops race who are infused with natural earth properties and have exposed rock-like bones. They’re often very tribal.
  • Vulpah: A humanoid fox-like race who would be somewhat similar to wood elves in other fantasy settings, but they’re also quite rogue in nature.
  • Sheepah: A humanoid sheep-like race who often serve as merchants and bards. They’re pretty smart, but not overly strong.
  • Ogres: A humanoid pig-like race who were tainted and became stronger and angrier. They’re fairly brutal in battle, but not as hostile as people believe.
  • Lokor: A demon race with grey skin, red eyes and horns. They’re banished from their home realm and have taken part of Enki for their own.

The NPCs in Tale of Enki are mostly made up of these races with the Ogres and Enkians being most prominent as the land you’re on, Kathrul, is disputed territory between the two and they’ve brokered an uneasy peace where they can share the land, but keep to their own areas. Every NPC in the game, except for a couple of soldiers in the middle of the game, is unique with their own name and sprite. Yes, that took meĀ ages to do because I wanted them all to have idle animations and face all four main directions even if they don’t all walk around.

Some NPCs will serve just to give a few lighthearted remarks or some background info about the world and what’s in it. Others will give you things during the interactions, such as the Nature-spell that the Ogre below gives you. Other NPCs tend to be worked into dialogue choices and quests, both main and side, so that you need to put in a bit more effort to get something out of them.


In the cast below where the group is talking to the Enkian child, Jason, he gives them a quiz about heroism, adventuring and the like. You have the option to allow him to ask you questions or tell him to beat it. Most dialogue choices are in the words of Gargan, our protagonist, so they’re usually quite blunt whether it’s a positive or negative interaction.


His first question asking whether you prefer axes or spears will usually occur when you only have Gargan (an axe wielder) and Rook (a spear user) in your party. This will give a split dialogue choice and the two may poke at each other too throughout.


Now I won’t spoil the ending of the interaction, but it’ll lead to two different rewards. A better and a lesser and the choice can’t be undone. I don’t like locking away content permanently so I’ve made sure that neither of the endings result in you missing an item in the game that you can’t get anywhere else. As this is a demo area, however, it’ll be the only place to find it in the demo.

So that’s a short rundown on the idea behind a couple of NPC types. I may go into more detail on this later, but hopefully it’s given a basic idea for what to expect with a couple of NPCS. Larger quests are a bit of a different story so expect a post on that at some point.

Blog Site!

Hi folks! I’ve decided to start this new blog site so that I can keep people updated with my game development, the occasional personal update and possibly the odd review of a game I like and how it may influence my future game development.

This is separate from the Tumblr site that I run with Nick (MSGHero) as this one is entirely me. I’ll possibly touch on Land of Enki: Adventures stuff here too once we get back to more regular work on that game. For the time being my focus is on Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage. If you’re following me for that then you’re in luck!

Anyway, this is just a quick launch post. I’ll start making a few more meaty updates with content in the coming days. Here’s a picture of Gargan to chill you to your core.