How’s it’s going? My name is Jordan Allen and I’m a game developer from the United Kingdom. I mainly create RPGs, but in the past I’ve dabbled in platformers. My most known games are my Flash games that have done fairly well on websites like Newgrounds. Ender Story: Chapter 1 is my most played game followed by my JUGGERNAUT series and followed up by my platformers, Land of Enki 1 and 2.

I mainly create commercial games now that larger and definitely higher quality since my design, art and writing skills have all vastly improved as I’ve made more games.

My current big focus is on a retro influenced RPG called Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage. I’m also working on a horror adventure series on the side called Azurael’s Circle. If you’re reading this, you may have already seen a few blog posts and my Twitter spam of screenshots from my games. Hopefully it takes your interest!