Building a World, Part 4 – Magic

Time for Part 4 of my world building series. This time I’ll be talking about how magic comes into play in the Tale of Enki universe. This one should be a fun one!

There are two key aspects when it comes to casting magic in Tale of Enki. The first is the element and that determines the type of spell damage or effect the spell has. The second is the magic level which ranged from first to seventh. First level spells being basic, but effective and seventh being absurdly powerful.

Magic types are also broken down into divisions like spells, rituals and enchantments. There are others, but these are by far the most common and only ones that will be explored in my game, Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage. Spells are magical effects this can be cast quickly and on the spot. Rituals are more time consuming, but also have greater impact. Enchantments are magical effects placed on objects like weapons and armour.

Those are the key things you need to know about the classifications of magic, but I’m going to now go into further detail about the elements. The five elements in Tale of Enki are: Nature, Fire, Ice, Radiant and Gote. Nature represents the world with its rocks, plants and creatures. Fire represents destruction and anger. Ice represents water and divinations. Radiant represents energy and defiance. Gore represents life and death. There’s, again, some crossover, but it’s usually fairly clear which spells fit into which category. A fireball spell would obviously be fire, poisoning something would be nature, healing would be gore, etc.

Each of the elements have their own distinct planes that they draw power from. Nature magic comes from the Mountain Garden. Fire comes from the Great Furnace. Ice comes from Cryovariance. Radiant comes from Radienerverse. Gore comes from Fleshriver. These planes are some of the earliest planes in existence and came to be as they were needed. They’re some of the few planes without creator gods, but they do have powerful beings of their own. Elementals are the key inhabitants of each of the planes and have a variety of levels of power.

Spells themselves are contained within crystals and they’re required to cast spells instantaneously. The strength of the spell is evident by the amount of elemental essence within the crystal. A first level spell will have only a small amount of essence within, whereas a seventh level spell will be nearly exploding with essence and have a swirling mass of energy around it. Magic can technically be cast innately in Tale of Enki, but you’d have to be absurdly powerful to do so. Most magicians harness magic through manipulation of the essence inside the crystals to unleash their effects.

Rituals on the other hand require a number of reagents and a few more complex steps in order to gain their usage. Effects of rituals can range from speaking with the dead (a gore elemental ritual) to creating a pocket plane (a radiant elemental ritual). Their effects are wildly varied, but have been very important throughout the history of Eperos.

Enchantments are sort of what you’d expect if you’ve played many tabletop RPGs or other video games. They make your weapons and armour stronger, give them a variety of effects and can make them near indestructible. The elements of these effects don’t necessarily grant damage of that elemental type and the element an effect from may not be immediately obvious, but they do indeed all come from an element.

That concludes this section about magic in Tale of Enki. It’s one I really enjoyed typing up because I didn’t feel like I was trying to cram a book worth of information into a blog post. Hopefully it’s quite clearly laid out. In the fifth and final part of my world building posts I’ll be talking about creatures in Tale of Enki that aren’t part of my main races post.


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