Building a World, Part 3 – Nations

Welcome to the third part of my world building series. If you haven’t read the previous parts then I’d strongly recommend it, particularly Part 1 where I talk about the main races of my Tale of Enki setting. This post will talk about be nations.

To start with I’m going to address the names of various areas. The plane itself is referred to as Enki and the planet is also referred to as Enki. There are indeed planets way off on space. The main continent of the world that the series focuses on is called Eperos and that’s home to many nations filled with the main races of Enki.


The nations are as follows:

  • Aionas
  • Cloudreach
  • Crawthmaul
  • Feyral
  • Foxwood
  • The Grand Gorge
  • Greenrock
  • Kalshar
  • Kathrul
  • Khoramoon
  • Volendrall
  • Westridge
  • Wintermount

The climates range from the cold, high altitude northern region of Wintermount to the hot jungles of Crawthmaul. Some countries are relatively lush like Foxwood and others are a bit more sparse like the deserts of Kalshar. It doesn’t encompass every possible terrain and climate, but I’d say it would cover more than enough to explore over the series.

The countries owned/controlled by the enkians are: Aionas, Westridge and Kalshar. Aionas is the heart of the empire where the great enkian city of Home can be found. Westridge is ruled over by a king, but the enkian emperor has final say on most matters. Kalshar is the desert region that’s exchanged hands many times, but the enkians manage to always take back under their own control after bloody battles.

Crawthmaul is the deep jungle region of Eperos that’s watched over the the ogre overlord in the city of Fortress. Volendrall is home to a subrace of ogres called the dark ogres and it has little contact with mainland Eperos.

Kathrul is a strange place. It once belonged to the vulpah, but was taken by the ogres and the enkians. The ogres and enkians have an uneasy truce that allows both races to maintain living here under their own laws as long as the keep out of each other’s way. It’s lasted for a few years so far, but it’s very unstable.


Cloudreach is the mountainous region belonging to the rocklopes. The current ruler, Chief Blackflint, makes sure that the borders are maintained securely, but he has no desire to expand past that. Previous rocklops chiefs have attacked Kalshar as they see it as rightful rocklops territory, but victory there is usually costly.

Greenrock is the main country the sheepah live in. They’re ruled over by their mysterious leader in Trader’s Grove, but they try and keep to themselves outside of trading. The sheepah of the neighbouring Grand Gorge are even more isolated, even from the sheepah of Greenrock. The city of Mistside forms a good cloak that lets them hide from the outside world. The neighbouring enkians, rocklopes and vulpah tend to leave them alone in the Grand Gorge.

Foxwood, home of the vulpah, was once a much larger nation. As the enkians, ogres and lokor expanded the vulpah lost territory and many of their soldiers. Foxwood is a shadow of its former self with parts of it becoming Kathrul, Feyral, Khoramoon an Crawthmaul. Other areas were taken as part of Aionas.

When the lokor first appeared on Enki they seized part of Foxwood as their own and it became Khoramoon. It’s ruled by King Julius Disdainus V from the magnificent Black City. Another area, dubbed by the lokor as Feyral, was seized from the vulpah. It’s less secure than Khoramoon, but the lokor kings have used governors as proxy leaders to rule over Feyral from the Exiled City.

Wintermount is unique in that the race that predominantly lives there, the bigfur, aren’t classed as a main race because don’t have a big population and tend to avoid leaving Wintermount. They’re similar to yetis as they’re large and furry. It lets them live in the harsh weather of Wintermount with food being their only real concern. The northeastern region features the tallest mountain in all of Eperos, the Neverclimb, can you guess why it’s called that?

I’ve got a lot of history and areas within each country planned as well as the current leaders of each nation. It’s hard to fit into a blog post in a way that’s nice and easy to read so it’ll be explored more naturally in my games. Hopefully it explains a bit about the setting and why some countries ruled by the same races are still classed as separate countries. Who knows what could happen if I do any times jumps? It’s an exciting idea I may explore in the future.

The next topic I’ll explore in Part 4 is something I’m very excited about. Magic! How does magic work in Enki? How is it classified? What can it do? That’ll be coming up very shortly.


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