Last of the NPCs

Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage is coming close to a wrap up point. We’ve probably got another couple of months of adding the last of our features and play testing like crazy. The main reason for such silence on the project at the minute is that I was on holiday with my girlfriend for a month and Howard took some time off with his family too.

During the time I was off, but Howard was still plugging away, he managed to implement the bulk of the remaining NPCs. We’ve spent the last few development sessions discussing the remaining one, moving the new NPCs from our testing map to their proper positioning, etc. Everything is going smoothly right now…too smoothly.

Travel Wolf - Party.png

In all seriousness, we’ve taken some great strides ahead. I’m currently working on the Steam banners using the recently commissioned art for the game. I want to see if we can give a bit more character to the promo art rather than just have Gargan standing there. See what you think of one of the pieces.

More new coming soon as we move into play testing.


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